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Can't come to the Healing Rooms in person?

No problem, simply register online to make your prayer appointment with a Healing Rooms team member. 

Once you register, you will contacted by a Team Member to schedule your prayer appointment.

It's easy!

With live events & activities having to go online this last year, the Healing Rooms also needed to adapt & go online quickly in order to continue to serve our community. With that, for last several months our Healing Rooms events each month have been held over Zoom.


Now that things are starting to open up, many businesses & ministries are finding creative ways to host their events we are preparing to do the same. Though we are unable to meet in person yet at this time, when we are having live events once again we will continue to offer prayer online over Zoom. With Healing Rooms Online you will be able to register & schedule your prayer appointment. Simply register by filling out our Healing Rooms Online Guest Form here on our website & one of our Healing Rooms Online team members will contact you & schedule your prayer appointment with you.

Guest Hours will be the same hours of operation as our live events. 

Though we don't know exactly when we will start our live events once 

again we hope & pray that it will be soon.

Every 1st Saturday

of the Month

11:00 am to 2:30 pm PST

Need Help with Zoom?

Watch a quick video > Joining a meeting

You will see this window pop up, whether you have Zoom or not you can join with these options (see example)

A. If you already have Zoom, choose, open or the blue click here.

B. If you can't or don't want to download Zoom, click this.

C. If you DO want to download Zoom

& haven't yet, click this.




Here's  what to know... 

Here to Mute

& Unmute

Here to turn

Video On/Off

  • You may wait a few minutes before your Prayer team is ready for you.  

  • Your prayer appointment is for 30 minutes , this allows for other guests to also receive prayer.

  • You may want to use the Chat at times to communicate if you are having any  technical issues.

  • You do not have to have your video on. We certainly would like to see you but it's not required.

Here to Chat

& see messages

Here to Leave


All About ZOOM

In this article you will find easy step by step instructions on how to join us for our next Healing Rooms event. Be sure to go to the top of this page on the day of the event to Register.

Zoom Introduction:
No matter how much or little you are savvy with technology does not matter, Zoom is the easiest way to connect. It works across all types of computers and devices. All you really need is an internet connection and a device (computer, phone, tablet etc.) that has a microphone and camera (video is optional but very recommended). Please read fully below so that you or anyone you know can come receive prayer for this Saturday's event.

Guest Instructions: 
If you plan to come as a guest to the Healing Rooms, below are your 4 basic, easy to follow, step by step instructions. Don't worry, these are short & sweet how-to videos & articles. This is the best way to learn, seeing it first :) Also the articles show helpful screenshots along the way and are easy to read. 

Step 1. Register.

Once you register, a Team Member will contact you about you prayer appointment. You will then get your time confirmed and your zoom link to join. 

Step 2. Download Zoom.
Watch “Getting Started” & download Zoom. - learn about how to get set up with Zoom for your phone or computer so you can be ready to join or host a Zoom call which are called meetings in Zoom. 

For Desktop: 
Download here Version 4.6.7 (18176.0301)
The web browser client will download automatically when you start or join your first Zoom meeting,
and is also available for manual download here.

For IOS – download from the App Store: Apple Itunes
For Android – Download from Google Play: Google Play
For Desktop/ computer (Mac or PC)

Step 3. Know how to Join.
Watch "Joining a Meeting"  - learn how to join & participate in a Zoom meeting. This is what you are doing as a guest of the Healing Rooms or any other Zoom meeting you've been invited to.

If you want to host a meeting( a video call), schedule a meeting and more 
all other instructions are here: Video tutorials 

Step 4. Invite others!
Yes, it's easy and you do not have to be the host to do it. Anyone can invite others just like you would in person or otherwise.  The Healing Rooms "Zoom meeting" will be an open meeting to the public. All you do is share the special link for that Zoom Meeting. 
Note: The Healing Rooms Zoom link will be active the day of the event as well as the Guest registration form. 
Read this article on how to invite: How do I invite others?


Zoom Advanced Features:
Breakout Rooms: One common feature used is Breakout Rooms. This is a way that you can break up into small groups like you would in a class/workshop in person. Anyone coming as a guest for the Healing Rooms will experience this. When it comes time for the prayer session you will be lead into a "breakout room" putting you on a temporary separate meeting with only you/the guest and the prayer team of 2 or 3 others. As a guest/participant you do not need to do anything but click the button to go to the room when prompted. Instructions on Breakout rooms: Watch Here


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