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A Laying down of Burdens

"Word of knowledge from Courts of Heaven, gave my judgement to Him, gave accusations to Him. I felt delivered of many things attached to self judgement and wanting Him to judge me. Felt emotional healing, felt it lifting off of me. Jesus came along side to be with me. I don’t have to carry so much of stuff. Felt so much of His love and a greater acceptance of what He did for me. Felt a washing, deep and pure."

Experienced Emotional Healing and Peace

"I was reminded of my relationship with God & Christ, to set time away for Him every day and to trust in Him. To keep my focus on Him and our relationship. Experienced emotional healing and received peace. I felt the spirit through the peace I received. It deepened my relationship and trust in Him."

Jesus was Holding my Hand

"Solicited my direction of uncomplicated, successful hip replacement surgery on Monday, with the belief and expectation of rapid and complete recovery. Additionally, team members validated Jesus holding my hand thru recent and future adversity. "

A Change in symptoms from Trauma

Words were spoken to me from what the team received before I was called to the prayer session. I was instructed to pray several times. I experienced some changes in symptoms from trauma while I was growing up. I experienced God’s love in a deeper way."

Wrapped into His arms and Spirit

"The Prayer Team had me meet Jesus in my beautiful garden and we had a lovely and very spiritual visit. All my life I have loved men and believed that I can only be whole with a man: ½ +½=the whole me. I never actually realized until this encounter that I can be whole by myself. Today I experienced that wholeness. Jesus and I had a beautiful visit. We shared conversation, but even better, He hugged me, held me, and wrapped me into His arms and Spirit. It was breathtaking and surreal. "

Accurate Words from the Team

"I am JUST AMAZED and TRANSFORMED and LOVED. I got accurate words from the team. I saw Heavenly visions. The Lord showed me my purpose and destiny, and that He loves me. I got healed from wounds of my childhood prayed and they disappeared. Clearly saw a cancellation of self-doubts,identified them, forgave and was healed. I became very solid in my identity. No more self-doubting. I will embrace the unique person who God has called me to be. "

Released of the Weight of Grief

"I was released of the weight of the grief around the loss of my baby. Also experienced a peace around breast cancer being gone. Pain level went down & I felt loved by God in a deeper way."

A Lifting of Emotional Weight

"There were themes of drinking in the Lord as the source of strength and allowing Him to flow through me and out of me, through the words of encouragement the team got for me. He wants me to be confident,and reject the lie that I have to accept the pain. There was a lifting of the emotional weight. I felt so loved by God through the confirmations that He intimately knows me."

Spirit lifted Immensely

"My spirit was lifted. Many burdens and sadness were removed. Chains of generations were broken. I embraced being restored and give thanks for God’s redemption and grace. My spirit was lifted immensely.The fellowship with loving and caring Christian women was so beautiful. Thank you Jesus, Amen!" ​

Stage 4 lung cancer declared Gone!

"I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and many serious complications. During that time one of the Healing Ministers from the Santa Cruz Healing Rooms came and prayed for me at the hospital. He said he felt a shift but I was not aware of any changes yet at that time. Now, 1 year later, I just had a PET scan and they found NO EVIDENCE OF CANCER. So I have a medical documentation as to the cancer free status. From the time I was diagnosed, I told everyone I was going to be "God's Miracle" and that I was going to be healed. And I am!!! Praise God!" - Read Diane's full story Here

Back pain Gone

"Back pain gone from a recent injury. I feel much deeper love and closer to God."


Santa Cruz Healing Rooms

3775 Capitola Road

Capitola, CA 95010