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Archived Testimonies

Memory problem Healed

"I was healed by our Lord Jesus! I know with all my heart that He healed my memory problem. I feel relief and experienced God's love in a deep way."

I felt like I was Lifted to a Happy Cloud!

"It was a beautiful experience. The prayer team nailed my heart and soul. Their prayer soothed my soul and brought me wonderfulness, extreme joy, and continued excitement for life. I felt like I was lifted to a happy cloud! Such a deep experience. My soul is dancing and my heart is singing. Each visit to the Healing Rooms and working with the healing teams gives me the opportunity to experience God's love in a deeper way. Praise God!"

A Wonderful sense of God's Love

"I was healed from a childhood memory. Prophetic words spoken were very accurate. Encouraged to not be discouraged & keep moving forward. Had a wonderful sense of God's love for me."

Deeper Love and Healing

"What happened when I was prayed for today was that I got healed from all of my medical conditions including Scoliosis and Epilepsy. My pain level went from a 6 to a 1. I experienced God's love in a deeper way, His almighty power fully overflowing me with healing."

Migraine gone!

"I was healed of the nausea and migraine headache. Pain level went from 5-0! ."

Healing for the Heart

"So grateful I could be here today. I was suffering from a skipping heartbeat due to anxiety. I saw me flying away and the chains falling off.!! The words given to the team before I arrived (before they knew who I was), were about God healing my heart and my mind. So encouraging. I'm on a learning journey. I felt peace, encouragement & love & was reminded of how much He cares & loves me, & He is with me. Thank you Jesus! Thank you Jesus!

Encouraged & Hopeful

"Caring people, the love of God, encouraged and hopeful. All is going to be fine, carried out by His mighty Sovereign Hand and all His ways and timing because His purpose for my life is good. There is definitely love here. Thank you. I am facing surgery this week, we will see what God does next and how I can be involved in the Healing Rooms."

A Shift in Behavior

"I came in for prayer for my husband who is a Muslim, who I have been personally praying for over a 5 year period. Since my visit to the Healing Rooms Santa Cruz, I have noticed a big change in his aggressive behavior. He is now becoming a meeker and humble man."

Overwhelming Peace

"I received overwhelming peace and healing in my shoulder, pain went from a 3 to 0. Also learned more how to speak in tongues."

Shoulder pain left & Confirmation

"The pain in my shoulder left. Got words from the team that were confirmation of what I already was hearing from God before coming to Healing Rooms"


Santa Cruz Healing Rooms

3775 Capitola Road

Capitola, CA 95010