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Heaviness left my body

“When I received prayer I immediately felt like a spirit of heaviness left my body. A lightness in my body came over me. I felt God’s love so deeply.”

God healing Deep wounds with His gentleness

“Experienced a miracle: the Lord delivered me from an ancestral & lifelong struggle with shame, specifically sexual shame. God uprooted deep wounds I have carried with my my whole life. My prayer ministers helped me to shut doors & cut ties with the enemy in a deeply profound way. Today, I do declare that I am a Child of God! Praise God! Alleluia! Freedom, peace, joy & comfort are now mine in what feels like the first time. God exposed truly deep wounds & touched them with His gentleness like only He can do. I feel excited to experience true love, pure love for the 1st time in a deeply meaningful way.”

A calming Experience

“I felt the wind moving and experienced a calming. Felt God’s love in a deeper way from the scripture given to me during my prayer session.”

Tremendously encouraging!

“Tremendously encouraging and I was so blessed! The pain went down by ½ what it was when I came in.”

I Experienced emotional Healing

“Glimpsed into past negative agreements about my identity. I received mind altering insight into personality formation. I experienced emotional healing. The prayer leader’s insight was spiritual manna to me.”

Words of Encouragement

“Song played during worship that meant so much to me, “No Longer Slaves.” Brought me back to a time of significant change. A shift in my life & healing! In the prayer session got extremely accurate words of encouragement from the team. I was given key personal scriptures & felt God’s love in a deeper way.”

I am Not alone, HE is with me

“Each word spoken was amazing affirmation of God’s love & care. I am not alone, HE is with me. Received prayer for bladder issues, I felt an ease in that area.”

The team was Deeply Intuitive

“Amazing! I was baptized in the Holy Spirit, and I had my 1st experience to speak in tongues. It was almost like an out-of-body experience. The prayer team was deeply intuitive and very closely connected to the Holy Spirit.”

My scars are Beautiful

“The doctors gave me a year, I said “no” to that. 4 years later, here I am! Been getting healed from cancer, sending it to the cross! Getting a PET scan on the 21st. I had been feeling self conscious about my previous breast cancer battle scars and my prayer time today, Jesus spoke to me & said, my scars are beautiful like I thought His scars are beautiful. I felt lighter from the prayer and healing from trauma. Curses from the family line are being lifted. I felt God’s love for me in a deeper way.”

A Cleansing of the soul

“I came for a miracle & I got it! A miracle-the Lord showed me a mantle being laid on my shoulders. A spirit of religion & fear left me. This is the beginning of my ministry again. I received a cleansing of my soul and release of peace & joy. A blooming and infilling of His spirit over me. A greater infilling of the Holy Spirit. I thank the Lord for His faithfulness. It’s all for His glory!”


Santa Cruz Healing Rooms

3775 Capitola Road

Capitola, CA 95010