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Archived Testimonies

I forgave

“Prayed over my difficulties regarding divorce. I forgave my wife, & then we prayed for my children. I felt an emotional calmness, more connected to God, & an understanding & encouragement from the prayer team.”

Hope for healing

“I felt encouraged and loved by God and my prayer team. I felt hope for my healing. Loved the words from the Lord the prayer team had for me. THANK YOU ALL for what you do in this ministry!”

Peace replaces Anxiety

“I received peace in exchange for anxiety, word curses broken, very accurate words from the prayer team. Felt more peace and hope. Felt deeply loved by the Lord as the team shared words with me that were exactly what He has already been saying before I came here!”

An experience Beyond words

“It was magical! And so right on. I am transforming at rocket speed and need the Healing Room sessions to help guide me and give me my road map. And I certainly experienced that spiritual delight today! I’m experiencing transformational growth in my soul. This experience is beyond words. The Lord showed me that He sees me as “beautiful“ and “precious”and “worth more than the most expensive precious thing you can imagine. ”

I can Now lift my Arm

“My range of mobility in an injured shoulder improved. I can now lift my arm over my head and reach across my chest to my other shoulder. Pain level decreased. I definitely felt God’s presence during the prayer. ”

Encouraged all Throughout the session

“They had excellent helpful words that they got before sitting with them. These were the same as I heard while in the waiting area before being called to the prayer circle. I was very encouraged by the prayer throughout the session. An emotional burden lifted and I felt God’s love for me in a deeper way.”

Deeper love, better Hearing

“I could hear better than when I came in. I thank Jesus for healing me and that my pain has gone. I thank God for giving His deeper love that I now feel in my heart. ”

No pain, just Love

“During the prayer session I cried to know Jesus loves and see my healing. My knee stopped clicking and hurting, no pain. It was so wonderful to feel God’s love!”

Heavy trauma Healed!

“Heavy trauma from my brother’s violent death was healed. I released my anger towards the man who shot him, and received peace beyond measure. Today, for the 1st time in 3 years, I am hopeful for my happiness. Weeeee! Peace! Weehaw! I’m feeling God’s love, peace & joy in deeper waves.”

Eyesight improved, Pain greatly Reduced

“My eyesight improved by 50%. Before I was blinded by light and couldn’t read the print on the page, but now with my glasses I can read even the fine print! My back & legs went from a level 7 pain to now almost no pain. THANK YOU JESUS! Thank you Prayer Team! I feel an oppression has lift my heart. Pain in my hips, tailbone & legs has been greatly reduced. I feel God’s love! THANK YOU YESHUA the MESSIAH! Thank you Prayer Team!”


Santa Cruz Healing Rooms

3775 Capitola Road

Capitola, CA 95010