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Archived Testimonies

A Real sense of God's Love & Peace

“I felt an intense presence of the Holy Spirit raining down during the prayer session. The words the team gave me definitely touched all the areas of my life that needed strength, renewal, peace & God’s love. Experienced relief from things I was concerned about. I felt so blessed and a real sense of the peace and love of God.”

More positive & peaceful

" I was encouraged and reminded about strength in rejoicing and prayer. THANK YOU! The prayer by the team really encouraged me. I feel less sad and more positive and peaceful. Felt God's love in a deeper way."

God is still for Me

" I was encouraged the God is still for me. It was powerful, I felt the presence of the Lord, God's love for me."

Encouragement & Gratitude

" I received great words of encouragement and vision. Flexibility. God is for me. I felt the peace of God with gratitude."

A Revelation of self-worth

" I received healing for my esophagus, peace, love and joy. The pain I was feeling decreased. I felt God's love and the revelation that I am a precious pearl to the Lord."

Joy & Anticipation for the future

" I received confirmation in the whispers of His Spirit about who I am in Him and how He shall lead me into and through the next season. I am released as a warrior, a trailblazer and one who leads others through the jungle. I experienced quite joy and anticipation (rather than concern) for the future. In His wise and tender ways, He affirms over and over the promises and assignments He has quickened to me private prayer."

Deep peace & deeper Love

"Felt peace, a deep peace. Saw visions of the Lord healing me from cancer. I experienced emotional peace during the prayer session. Hearing the declarations and having truth prayed over me caused me to feel God's love in a deeper way."

Healing of physical and Spiritual Vision

" I received confirmation of what the Lord was already speaking to my heart and what I've been praying for, a long time. For my physical vision impairment, it is a spiritual attack used by the enemy to make me small and fearful. I am now confident the Lord is already healing my physical eyes, cleansing and restoring my spiritual eyes. Especially in receiving the truth that I am completely cleansed of past sins. I experienced God's love through words of affirmation, like an appliance being plugged into a power source!"

The Joy of the Lord is my Strength

"I received encouraging words from the team to persist, to praise and sing to God and I will not be thrown off my journey. I forgave people at work and released them. I also forgave myself. During the prayer session I was encouraged and experienced His Joy! I exchanged unforgiveness for joy. I feel lighter! I had the realization that He really does have everything under control. I'm going to start singing at work again. The joy of the Lord is my strength."

A Divine appointment

" I came in with loneliness, tired, seeking time in the overwhelming presence of God's love. I received the words given in the prayer session being unsure of the meanings. As I sat in the Soaking Area afterward, I felt peace, love and healing in a mild movement of gentle waves as God began explaining, showing and teaching me while in His presence. The worship lyrics began revealing a deeper understanding and meaning of what had been revealed. Reading the scriptures and notes I was given left me overwhelmed with a personal connection with Jesus and His healing love. I will meditate on this for some time and fall more into His love. I smile as these words perfectly fit into the divine appointm

Pain gone & feeling Loved

" I felt good. I felt in the Spirit of the Lord. I believe the prayer will heal my mental health. I believe I will continue to make progress with my mental health. My pain in my abdomen stopped! No mental health symptoms. I feel well and at peace. I feel loved by the Prayer Team. God is touching me. I feel accepted. I am at a crossroads. God is working in my life. Jesus heal me through your followers."

God leading the Way

"A member of the Prayer Team had a vision of God leading me by His hand, showing me the way. I've been praying for His leading in a particular area of my life (not my will), and I'm thankful to hear He's doing it! THANK YOU JESUS!

Healing through a Word

" I received healing on a word of knowledge given by a Prayer Team member regarding a jaw problem I've had for years. The grinding, popping and locking is GONE! Praise be to Jesus's precious blood... shed for my sins!"


Santa Cruz Healing Rooms

3775 Capitola Road

Capitola, CA 95010