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Destiny & Love

“I received 3 very accurate powerful prophetic words! One of them was tied to a dream I had last night. I received prayer for my shoulder injury got about 20 % decreased in pain. Thank you Jesus! I feel God is using this injury and it’s healing to speak to me about what he wants to do in me and through me for 2020!! The prayer team released a powerful expression of God’s love! Thank you Jesus!”

God is proud of me

“God is so good. I have been under the weather since Thanksgiving. Wanted to know if anything was in the way of my relationship with God. In a big way, He told me how proud He is of me & I am a precious stone. I felt a big change in my spirit. His love was overwhelming in an awesome way.”

Headache & anxiety, gone, just peace!

“Came in feeling under spiritual attack and anxiety. I received the baptism of Holy Spirit with my prayer language. I feel calmer. Headache & anxiety are gone. I am filled with the peace of God.”

Comfort & Love in exchange

“Good is going to result from being prayed for today and has been confirmed by the voice of Jesus. I am experiencing progressive healing from mental illness daily. I experienced a reduced feeling of danger about people, reduced back & shoulder pain. The Lord told me I will receive love in exchange for giving Him my negative emotions and being rejected by church leaders.”

Hopeful in Jesus

“I felt Peace and more hopeful in Jesus. Pain level went from a 9 to a 5, and felt lighter in spirit. I could feel God’s love and more hope.”

Forgiveness Heals

“Extended forgiveness to my Father and myself. A healing of my relationship with my ex husband and myself, and a healing in my body. I was reminded that the Lord been with me and will always be with me.”

God helped me Release

“Made me realize that even though I’m not with my family, we will one day be reunited as one holy joyful family. I feel a lot happier. It’s hard for me to cry but God helped me release tears. I felt His presence.”

Flowing of a River

“Holy Spirit touch-like the flowing of a river. Back pain decreased and left leg grew out! Felt lots of love and acceptance. Learning to yield more to Holy Spirit.”

I am Not alone

“Jesus cleansed my bloodline back to the beginning and closed off ALL doors to the enemy. I walk away freed from demonic encounters in my past, with a prophetic healing for 2020. Felt greater peace & joy. Jesus healed my heart & let me know I am not alone.”

God sees the True Me

“So much affirmation. I felt blessed and realized the prayer team really saw into my heart-even my prayer life. Very encouraging. I received more than physical healing. Lots of confirmation that God sees the true me.”

Full of God's love

“During the prayer session He showed me I am His daughter with whom He is well pleased. I feel full of God’s love.”

Love & Wholeness

“Felt God’s love. There were hurting and sad places inside that hard to explain. Each of the 3 ladies praying with me spoke to the very intricate places and it was so soothing. I feel rebooted and aligned with wholeness now. Thank you!”

Trauma calmed

“I do believe I was baptized in the Holy Spirit today and I look forward to continuing to deepening & strengthening this new relationship with Holy Spirit in prayer. I felt calmer from trauma. I experienced God’s love in a deeper way through the presence of the 2 ladies who prayed with me. “

a Hope of the Future

“I was given a valid scripture that spoke to what was really bothering me internally. I was reminded I am not alone. I was given more hope about my future. I felt a closer connection with the Lord, that attending church does not always provide.”


Santa Cruz Healing Rooms

3775 Capitola Road

Capitola, CA 95010