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Our recent  News letter 

In the news letter below you will find easy step by step instructions on how to join us for our next Healing Rooms event. Be sure to visit this page on the day of the event to Register.

Hello dear friends of Healing Rooms Santa Cruz county (HRSCC)!


We have great news! We are still having our Healing Rooms event on APRIL 4TH online, that's this Saturday! As our world has been changing rapidly our world also adapting rapidly Thanks to modern technology we live in a time where it couldn't be easier to shift our usual events and gatherings to online! One of the common and more user friendly ways to do this is Zoom. Zoom is super easy!  It is software for video calls & screen sharing much like Skype or Facetime but much easier & better quality. This can be used for so many purposes including Ministry! This allows us as a Healing Prayer Ministry to expand and reach more people who want our services because we are no longer hindered by distance!


Saturday, April 4th

Guest Hours: 1-3pm PST (Pacific Standard Time)

Zoom Introduction:
No matter how much or little you are savvy with technology does not matter, Zoom is the easiest way to connect. It works across all types of computers and devices. All you really need is an internet connection and a device (computer, phone, tablet etc.) that has a microphone and camera (video is optional but very recommended). Please read fully below so that you or anyone you know can come receive prayer for this Saturday's event.

Guest Instructions: 
If you plan to come as a guest to the Healing Rooms, below are your 4 basic, easy to follow, step by step instructions. Don't worry, these are short & sweet how-to videos & articles. This is the best way to learn, seeing it first :) Also the articles show helpful screenshots along the way and are easy to read. 

Step 1. Download Zoom.
Watch “Getting Started” & download Zoom. - learn about how to get set up with Zoom for your phone or computer so you can be ready to join or host a Zoom call which are called meetings in Zoom. 

For Desktop: 
Download here Version 4.6.7 (18176.0301)
The web browser client will download automatically when you start or join your first Zoom meeting,
and is also available for manual download here.

For IOS – download from the App Store: Apple Itunes
For Android – Download from Google Play: Google Play
For Desktop/ computer (Mac or PC)

Step 2. Know how to Join.
Watch "Joining a Meeting"  - learn how to join & participate in a Zoom meeting. This is what you are doing as a guest of the Healing Rooms or any other Zoom meeting you've been invited to.

If you want to host a meeting( a video call), schedule a meeting and more 
all other instructions are here: Video tutorials 

Step 3. Invite others!
Yes, it's easy and you do not have to be the host to do it. Anyone can invite others just like you would in person or otherwise.  The Healing Rooms "Zoom meeting" will be an open meeting to the public. All you do is share the special link for that Zoom Meeting. 
Note: The Healing Rooms Zoom link will be available on the home page of our website healingroomsscc.org the day of the event as well as the Guest registration form. 
Read this article on how to invite: How do I invite others?

Zoom Advanced Features:
Breakout Rooms: One common feature used is Breakout Rooms. This is a way that you can break up into small groups like you would in a class/workshop in person. Anyone coming as a guest for the Healing Rooms will experience this. When it comes time for the prayer session you will be lead into a "breakout room" putting you on a temporary separate meeting with only you/the guest and the prayer team of 2 or 3 others. As a guest/participant you do not need to do anything but click the button to go to the room when prompted. Instructions on Breakout rooms: Watch Here

Step 4. Go to our Website & Register.
These instructions are also available on our new Guest webpage on our website as well as many other helpful resources. Also, on the DAY OF the event, the Guest Registration form will be available on the homepage and Guest page. It is much quicker and easier than our paper version. Every guest is to fill one out just like at a live event. This will put you in line for your prayer session. It is important that you visit our website and navigate around for many reasons. Not only to prepare for our next event but you will find the most amazing testimonies on video and on our blog to encourage you.

New Resources!
We have available now some New Resources to empower you! Check out our 
"Keys to Healing" page! You will find Articles such as: "Using your prayer Language" & "Powerful Declarations" Use these powerful tools in your everyday life to unlock healing, hope, peace, joy and so much more like never before!

Featured Testimony:
March 7th, 2020
No More Fear: ''I received revelation knowledge from God. I realized I had been partnering with a spirit of fear because I had the illusion that fear was "protecting" me. My prayer team was amazing in showing God's love for me.''

We definitely hope to see you join in on the Healing Rooms Santa Cruz on Saturday and that you would invite others, because well.... let's face it, we all need prayer and anyone from anywhere can join us!

Blessing, hope, peace and comfort to you!


Meagan Starr
Healing Rooms Santa Cruz County
Administrative Assistant


Santa Cruz Healing Rooms

3775 Capitola Road

Capitola, CA 95010